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The RePath Platform

Electronically supervise the criminal justice population previously omitted from any electronic monitoring platform.

Supervisory Efficiency Within 2 Months
Reduction In Failures To Appear In Court
Cost-Savings Over Traditional Monitoring Solutions
Increased Compliance With Conditions Of Release

Reduce recidivism, overcrowding in jails, and costs to the state with a more effective system for supervised release.

Increase Case Officer Efficiency

RePath automates repetitive tasks and frees officers to focus their limited resources on those individuals requiring enhanced supervision.

Reduce Recidivism & Improve Outcomes

RePath restores individuals' freedom to continue their lives with minimal disruption. Location tracking, biometric check-ins, and automated reminders help individuals stay on track.

Take it from our users

Success Stories

Hear what our customers have to say about RePath

  • RePath is a tremendous tool when determining bonds and has helped us reduce use of ankle monitors. It has also dramatically improved people showing up for court and offers a cost benefit to everyone.
  • The program is easy to use, and support is readily available for any issue that comes up. It is very helpful to our budget to have this tool to use free of charge.
    -Treatment Court Representative
  • RePath is a very good option for those individuals who cannot afford $300/month for GPS ankle monitoring. The eHawk team is very responsive and have been very helpful through this entire process.
  • eHawk has an incredible support system in place and is working with us to make sure that the program is successful in our county, which I think is promising for the overall effectiveness of implementation and longevity of the program.
  • I really like the service that eHawk provides, I feel like it is a “must have” for any court that has a considerable number of individuals needing supervision.
    -Deputy Officer
  • The software is easy and user friendly. There are several different report options that can be accessed, and as a result, RePath is now part of our risk assessment process. eHawk has worked with us to customize the reports so they work best for us.
    -Court Administrator
  • I use the RePath program every day. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this. I have been talking with the Judge about how useful the RePath app has been to my office.
    -Pre-Trial Personnel
  • RePath has helped out a ton once someone leaves their house and we no longer get communication from the bracelets. It’s an excellent pairing with our program.
    -Pre-Trial Personnel
  • We think this program is great. The software is extremely user friendly. We are able to easily track our clients. This program is a great option to reduce the county’s expense to board these clients. Judges are releasing more because they feel like we can keep track of some of the clients.
    -Private Probation Officer
  • It’s a great service that is able to be offered free of charge to our clients. This is a much-needed program for indigent offenders in our county. The eHawk team is great and they are very easy to work with!
    -Private Probation Offier
  • RePath has provided us with an inexpensive method of tracking our inmates while they are outside a secure facility working and supporting their families or receiving treatment. The daily check-in requirements and the versatility of individualized settings promotes accountability.
    -Community Corrections Officer
  • RePath is the best platform we’ve found for monitoring, reporting, and service.


Help people navigate the criminal justice system

The RePath App electronically assists individuals through the criminal justice process. Agencies can choose from multiple supervision levels dependent on their specific needs.