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RePath in Immigration

Even a casual observer of political discourse recognizes the importance of dealing with immigration, both legal and otherwise. Estimates of the number of illegal immigrants residing within United States range from 11 to 30 million. As a possible solution emerges, it is likely to include legal status rather than mass deportation.

This transition will require safeguards to ensure that individuals are compliant with our laws, and education requirements and otherwise not engaged in illegal behavior. Like corrections, individuals on this transition path meet very infrequently with caseworkers or social support personnel. With little known information, RePath can provide a data receptacle and portal for a comprehensive, yet unobtrusive, system to adequately supervise the transition from illegal to legal.

Surprisingly, little is known about the more than 12.5 million US foreign workers (those currently here under the Legal Permanent Residence LPR or H1-B programs). The vetting process for those entering our country legally has come under serious scrutiny in the past year with former FBI Director James Comey and others acknowledging that the current screening system is woefully inadequate.

Given the current climate of fear and uncertainty surrounding the acceptance of foreign workers into the United States, coupled with the need for a reasonable approach to the problem of illegal immigration, an opportunity exists for a feasible approach such as eHawk’s compliance and supervision application.

The RePath App

RePath incorporates a smartphone app with a robust platform to verify identity and the location of each individual in the system. The platform provides location data and trends for individuals and groups of offenders, allowing immigration officers to effectively manage their resources and efforts.